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KHci C4

Khci follows the standard x86 server architecture integrates computing and 

storage and pre integrates distributed storage virtualization and cloud management 

software. Resources can be deployed on demand expanded linearly and delivered 

in an integrated way.The data center only needs to connect the khci super integrated 

machine to the switching network and the system delivery can be completed in 

30 minutes greatly reducing the business online cycle.

Excellent performanceyle

Khci supports four Intel Xeon 22 core processors and 4096gb DDR4 memory so it can easily cope with various computing 

scenarios. The storage layer adopts distributed storage architecture to greatly improve the storage speed and data security 

which is 3-5 times faster than the traditional storage speed so that users can experience the storage speed and ensure the data reliability.

Stable and reliable

Khci super integrated machine adopts distributed storage and virtualization technology. The upper layer data is stored in different nodes 

in the way of cross node and multi copy. When a node goes down the virtual opportunity will migrate to the available node in an instant 

so as to achieve the application business uninterrupted.

Easy to go up to the clouds

With scale out architecture the khci super integrated all-in-one machine can be easily expanded from the basic 4 nodes to 10000 + nodes 

achieving multiple performance growth and unified resource scheduling and management. There is no need for business interruption and 

change of IT architecture to smoothly evolve to private cloud architecture.

Available out of the box

The optimized hyperfusion operating system and management software are preset before the khci hyperfusion system leaves the factory. 

The software and hardware are delivered in an integrated way. Only the IP address and initialization settings are set on site. The 30 minute 

service is launched quickly which greatly saves the deployment time.



KHci C4


Intel® Xeon® E5-2600v4 series processorTDP 145W


Intel®  C612




16 DIMM sockets, supporting 2TB DDR4 3DS ECC rdimm 2400 / 2133 memory storage


12 3.5-inch or 24 2.5-inch SAS / SATA 12gbps hot swappable hard disks


Intel ®82599  10Gb dual port network

PCIe extension

1 PCIe 3.0 x8


Aspeed AST2400


IPMI 2.0                       

Other interfaces


Power Supply

1600W 1+1 platinum power supply


Kingpin khci super fusion system


2U frame type; 88mm × 444mm × 760mm (H × w × d)

working temperature


Working humidity



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