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JINPIN Kstor 9012 Cloud storage

  • Intel® Xeon® multi-core processor;
  • 16GB cache;
  • 100TB storage space;
  • 50 user access permission;

Price : $9800
Basic configuration for reference only

Unified storage of data

Through this platform enterprises can manage enterprise data in a unified way completely avoid the loss and leakage of 

enterprise data caused by employee turnover computer loss hard disk damage human error operation etc. and assist enterprises to grasp key information.

System online expansion

The platform adopts cluster architecture design which can start from a single node support online horizontal expansion and

 reduction of cluster size and dynamically respond to demand changes.

Convenient for users

Users can access the cloud disk just as they access the local hard disk and users can set the cloud disk as online access mode or 

synchronous access mode according to their own needs.

Allocate space and permissions as needed
Different cloud disk storage space and access rights can be set according to different needs of users.

Avoid management loopholes

The platform adopts the independent concept of system management and document management. The system 

platform is managed by IT administrator and the documents of the company and each department are managed by the 

document administrator of the company and each department. To enhance the security of documents.

Convenient user authentication

The platform can be organically combined with the original domain control system or user authentication system 

of the enterprise network to facilitate the integration of the enterprise cloud disk system into the enterprise's existing 

nformation ecological environment.

One click file sharing

Users can share their files to those who need them with one click on demand and can also generate access links to files 

or people outside the company.


Document online management

Upload and download of personal single file and multi file

Batch file management operation, download, move, delete, etc

Online editing, multi version saving, free recovery

It can support synchronous disk and asynchronous disk at the same time

Windows client multi directory synchronization

Provide web, windows, andorid, iPhone, Linux, MAC clients

Upload and download progress view

Recycle bin support

Lraid supports n + M code deletion mode and 1-4 copy mode

Personal data protection

Specify folder and schedule remote backup

Synchronous management of local data and cloud storage data

Version based file recovery

Privilege management

Simulate the organizational structure of enterprise users

Virtual team file management

Specify users to set different management permissions, such as file creation, reading, writing, deletion, modification, etc

Increase and decrease storage capacity online for different users

Sharing of files / folders

data security

Ad / LDAP authentication

User password authentication

Encrypted transmission

Data Integrality Check

Upload and download file type management

Log audit and monitoring

system management

Organization management: enterprise department management, department member management, group management and group member management

Storage management: set storage path and realize data migration

Statistical analysis: log management, authorization management, system configuration

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