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Company Culture
company culture
Vision — Become China's customized computer industry leader
Mission — customer success, employee success, gold achievement
Strategy — Establish a learning organization, adhere to innovation and change, maintain entrepreneurial spirit, improve staff quality, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises
Business philosophy
Save Customers Money-Customized Solutions
Let customers worry — excellent quality
Save customers — one-stop service
Values & Standards
Core Values-There is nothing to gain
Criteria for success — success is when we achieve a higher goal, not how much money we make, and compensation is only a by-product of achieving the goal
Employee Code of Conduct
Be a man: follow the ancient teachings of benevolence, faith, wisdom, righteousness, filial piety, learn the advantages of others, improve your own shortcomings, and understand gratitude
Doing things: earnest and responsible
View of Wealth: Gentleman loves money, and he has the right way, up to the world and save the world, the poor is the best
For customers: Honesty and courtesy, and meet customers' reasonable requirements
For work: high quality, efficient, continuous improvement
To yourself: Simplified life, hard work, combination of work and rest, physical and mental health
To colleagues: collaboration, trust, help
To superiors: obey the command, do not flatter, and dare to express your opinions
For subordinates: Serious training, strict requirements, dare to criticize, do not hide mistakes

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