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Customized cases

Case 1: Customized 1U Twin Server for a Research Institute


Product Features:

(1) Adopts 1U twin server with extended chassis design and dual-directional power output;

(2) Front panel with 10G fiber and USB interface;

(3) Rear panel with Gigabit RJ45 interface and VGA interface;

(4) Dual nodes adopt single-chip circuit to achieve one-key control function for both nodes.


Case 2: Customized Encryption Authentication Server for an ISV Customer


Product Features:

(1) Adopts 2U rack-mount design;

(2) Front panel with LCD display to show product model, IP address, and system fan status;

(3) Rear panel with USB interface and network interface, achieving full-closed mode for other interfaces;

(4) Front panel with card reader connected to built-in encryption card, combined with software application to achieve encryption authentication function;

(5) With product labels and marks, achieving perfect display of customized appearance and function.


Case 3: Customized 8-node Integrated Equipment for an Electronics Company


Product Features:

(1) Complete structural customization for the integrated equipment cabinet;

(2) Built-in 8 node subsystems with independent blade structure design, achieving high maintainability;

(3) Efficient fan system achieving overall heat dissipation for the cabinet, while also having aesthetic and quiet effects;

(4) Touch-controlled light source system, achieving cabinet self-starting illumination system design;

(5) Rear panel with 32+48 data exchange system achieving data exchange function between 8 nodes and external systems.

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