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Customized cases

Case 1: 1U Gemini model customized for a research institute

(1) Using 1U twin models , The chassis is lengthened, and the power supply is bidirectional output;
(2) Front-end million Mega fiber and USB interface;
(3) post thousand Mega RJ45 interface and VGA interface;

(4) Double-node adoption Single-chip microcomputer circuit, realizing dual-node one-button control function.

Case 2: An encrypted authentication server customized for an ISV customer

(1) 2U rack mount;
(2) Front LCD display, used to display product model, IP address, and monitor system fan status; < / span>
(3) Rear USB interface, network interface, to achieve the fully enclosed mode of other interfaces;
(4) The front card reader is connected to the built-in encryption card, combined with software applications, to implement the encryption authentication function;

(5) Cooperate with product labels, logos, etc. to achieve the perfect display of product appearance and customization.

Case 3: 8-node integrated equipment customized for an electronics company

(1) complete structure customization One cabinet;
(2) Built-in 8 nodes System with independent blade structure design to achieve high maintainability;
(3) Efficient fan system implementation cabinet The overall cooling function, at the same time, it has both landscaping and mute effects;
(4) Touch light source system, Realize the design of self-starting lighting system when opening the cabinet;
(5) rear panel 32 + 48 Data exchange system, complete the data exchange function between 8 nodes and external systems.

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