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Smart Manufacturing

I. Intelligent Manufacturing


 The company replaces traditional manual production lines with fully automated equipment such as full-process assembly lines, automatic assembly robots, automatic screw assembly machines, and automatic box sealing machines, increasing production capacity by 200%;

 Machine vision inspection robots are used to achieve automatic detection of product appearance, internal structure, labels/tags, and functionality, and the inspection results are automatically uploaded;


Systematic filling platform KAOP, automatic inspection system KACP-L, automatic inspection system KACP-W, automatic aging test system KATS;


CRM, ERP, OA, order management system, visualized dashboard, cloud MES system.

II. Intelligent Management System

The company introduced SAP's "B1" ERP system from Germany, CRM and OA integrated systems based on the Saas architecture, and MES systems (manufacturing execution system), increasing order execution control efficiency by 100%;

III. Production Process Control

1.Personnel - establish a safety control standard and work specifications for the system's production operations, strictly manage production personnel to ensure execution;

2.Equipment - establish equipment maintenance and upkeep systems, do well in management and prevention, and avoid equipment failures leading to work stoppages and production halts;

3.Materials - materials are stored in anti-static boxes and transported by specialized transfer vehicles to ensure the safety of materials; auxiliary materials are regularly inspected to ensure order delivery;


1) For product models that meet our batch operation standards, a "Assembly Operation Manual" is drafted jointly with customers to control assembly processes and ensure consistency of products of the same model under long-cycle and project-type conditions;


2)On-site visualization management of work documents. The "Assembly Operation Manual" is displayed on each workstation's electronic screen and coordinated with online orders to achieve on-site visualization management of work documents, ensuring their effectiveness and suitability;

5.Environment: 7S management (sort, straighten, sweep, standardize, sustain, safety, save) is implemented in the production site;


6.Monitoring: measurement and control of the environment, 10-35% ambient temperature, 10-90% ambient humidity.

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