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Brand customization

That is, the ODM / OEM method is used, and the products are customized according to customer requirements. Including system startup interface customization, boot information customization, BIOS setting customization, manufacturer label, LOGO nameplate, warning sign, instruction manual, packing box, etc .;


1. LOGO nameplate

A nameplate that provides customers' trademark identification, product name, and other information on the product. Types are divided into metal and non-metal by material: metal is mainly produced by aluminum, and the nameplate processed is relatively high-grade, durable and does not rust. Non-metallic products include drip plastic, acrylic, PVC, UV printing, etc. Customers can choose the right material and color according to the product.


Generally attached to the front panel of the chassis, used to display customer logo, product model, product name and other information


2, tags

Used on products to display manufacturer information, product information, warning signs, etc. Types include PVC stickers, anti-counterfeit QR code stickers, laser labels, etc .;


Can be affixed to the case to display the company name, product model, serial number, display various precautions and warning information


3. Certificate of conformity

Qualified identification plate


4. Instruction manual

Detailed description of server usage, precautions, manufacturer information, after-sales information, etc.


5. Warranty card

Integrated manufacturer's warranty range, warranty time, precautions, etc., available in color and black and white



6. Boot logo

It is used for the screen display when the device is started, to improve the consistency of the product brand. It can produce colors with gradient colors, multi-color without gradient colors, and black and white.



7. Flight case

The internal and external structure and materials of the flight case determine the advantages of the flight case in terms of fire resistance, water resistance, impact resistance, and convenient maneuverability, and the diversity of the color of the fire prevention panel is more visually beautiful.



8. Corrugated cardboard box

The outer layer of paper is used for cardboard and the inner layer of corrugated paper is used for corrugated paper


9. Driver CD + CD case

According to the customer's product configuration, customize the contents of the drive CD, design the disk according to the customer's LOGO, and randomly package it as a product accessory to enhance the brand value of the product;



10. Boxing tape

The background color of the tape can be made transparent, white, yellow, and the text pattern can be made in any color;



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