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Brand customization

That is, using the ODM/OEM method, customize and produce products according to customer requirements, including labeling with the customer's VI, customization of system startup interface, customization of boot information, customization of BIOS settings, manufacturer labels, logo nameplates, warning signs, manuals, packaging boxes, etc.


1.Logo Nameplate

A nameplate that displays the customer's trademark, product name, and other information on the product. There are two types based on the material: metal and non-metal. Metal nameplates are mainly made of aluminum and have a higher-end effect, durability, and are rust-proof. Non-metallic materials include injection molding, acrylic, PVC, UV printing, etc. Customers can choose suitable materials and colors based on their products.

Usually affixed to the front panel of the chassis to display the customer's logo, product model, product name, and other information.



Used on the product to display the manufacturer's information, product information, warning signs, etc. There are various types, such as PVC stickers, anti-counterfeiting QR code stickers, laser labels, etc.

Can be affixed to the chassis to display the company name, product model, serial number, and display various precautions and warning messages.



A mark indicating that the product has passed the inspection.


4.User Manual

Provides detailed instructions on how to use the server, precautions, manufacturer information, after-sales information, etc.


5.Warranty Card

Integrated with the manufacturer's warranty scope, warranty period, precautions, etc., available in color and black and white.


6.Boot Logo

Used for displaying a branded screen during device startup, to enhance product branding consistency. It can be made in color with gradient, multi-color without gradient, and black and white styles.


7.Aviation Case

The structure, material, and color of the aviation case determine its advantages such as fire resistance, water resistance, shock resistance, and convenient mobility. The color diversity of fire-resistant boards makes it visually more appealing.


8.Corrugated Carton

The outer layer of the cardboard is made of kraft paper, and the inner core is made of corrugated paper.


9.Driver CD + CD Box

Customize the driver CD content based on the customer's product configuration and design the CD surface with the customer's logo as an accessory to the product, enhancing product brand value.


10.Sealing Tape

The bottom color of the tape can be made transparent, white, or yellow, and the text and graphics can be made in any color.

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