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Customized classification
 Customized configuration: configure hardware solutions on demand
      The gold standard product platform is used to flexibly configure the CPU, memory, hard disk, graphics card, GPU card and other components according to user needs, so as to meet user needs, reduce hardware cost investment, and increase product cost performance. This is a relatively basic way of customization in customization.
Brand customization: ODM / OEM
That is, the ODM / OEM method is used, and the products produced according to the customer's requirements are OEM or OEM customized methods. All the products produced are posted with the customer's VI logo. Specific projects refer to the "Brand Customization" project below
Customized appearance: panel, chassis, whole cabinet
(1) Custom spraying
According to the enterprise's Ⅵ color or the customer's words, the paint of the cabinet body can be sprayed and baked with various color numbers to form a unique product color culture.
(2) Chassis panel
Customize the design of the front panel of the fixed chassis to form personalized product elements.
(3) Removable front panel
Based on the standard model products, through the patented design of the detachable front panel, it can meet the needs of product differentiation and form a unique product sensory experience.
(4) HDD extraction box
Customize the color value or structural style of the HDD collection box main body, spring tongue, and unlock button according to the corporate VI or LOGO color system
(5) Rear window of the chassis
You can customize the nakedness and identification of the IO interface according to your needs.
(6) Chassis custom design
      Appearance form, paint color, material and technology, structural planning, heat dissipation scheme, matching scheme of special components, etc., have formed customized design requirements for a chassis; through schemes, appearance and structure design, prototype trial production, batch Production and other processes help customers achieve full-scale customization requirements for products, avoid the identity of product appearance, and make products "higher, larger, and superior."
(7) Integrated cabinet
For intensive deployment needs, the entire cabinet product can be independently designed, including cabinet style, structure, spray coating, matching design such as KVM.PDU.SWITCH, etc.
Function customization: MCU, control board, system function customization
(1) Special environmental requirements
      High environmental requirements (such as high temperature, low temperature, high altitude, high salt fog corrosion, low dry sound, humidity, vibration) or special industry application requirements (such as military, marine, automotive, aviation) product customization, which requires material, process, Comprehensive design of the structure.
(2) Customized software and hardware matching function
Utilizing the flexibility and diversity of software functions, design matching hardware components to meet the requirements of simple operation and intuitive viewing.
Component customization
(1) System motherboard
Custom IO interface, network interface, USB interface, number of memory slots, number of PCI-E slots, BIOS customization, splash screen customization, etc.
(2) Switching power supply
Can be customized according to the system needs wire length, terminal style, shell color, special environmental requirements.
(3) Radiator
Customized air-cooled, water-cooled, and liquid-cooled; customized shape, structure, material, and technology.

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