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 What is customization?
       The so-called customization is a kind of service way to personalize the configuration or processing of the product according to the user's requirements, so that the product is more in line with the user's needs and customer satisfaction.
     What is ODM? OEM?
      ODM is the abbreviation of Original design manufacturer, which means that the product is designed and produced by a manufacturer (such as Jinpin Company), and the brand identity of the manufacturer (equipment brand holder, such as Jinpin's customer) is posted as A production method of manufacturer's products, that is, OEM. This model is characterized in that different manufacturers may choose the same product, and the difference lies only in the brand logos of different manufacturers. This method greatly reduces the manufacturer's product design Time and capital costs.
      OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer (original equipment manufacturer), which refers to a manufacturing method, ie, foundry method, by the manufacturer according to the manufacturer's design and production requirements (such as paper, BOM, etc.). The characteristic of this mode is that all the design of the product is borne by the manufacturer and enjoys the ownership. The manufacturer must not provide any third party with any information about the product. For example, Foxconn's OEM model for Apple's IPHONE mobile phone.
     What is ISV?
      ISV stands for Independent Software Vendors in English, which means "independent software developers", and specifically refers to companies that specialize in software development, production, sales, and services, such as Microsoft (Microsoft), Oracle (Oracle), etc., more and more ISV finds that it not only provides software, but integrated solutions, and hardware (such as servers) is an essential part of it. In order to focus on their main business (software development, market expansion), reduce hardware deployment and management costs (such as building production lines, equipped with technical and quality personnel), find suitable hardware ODM / OEM manufacturers to establish long-term, stable cooperation This is an important task for ISVs.
     Why ISV / ODM / OEM choose "Jinpin"?
     Focused on the server field for 18 years, and cultivated the invincible "Dugu Nine Swords";
     Industry appearance and industrial design to achieve the perfect meal for hardware vision;
     Rich ODM OEM options to easily meet the aesthetic needs of users;
     Comprehensive software and hardware testing to ensure safety, compatibility and reliability:
     Unique functional design combined with software to enhance the added value of the product;
     Perfect quality management system construction to create extraordinary quality assurance capabilities;
     Strengthen product life cycle management and implement full life cycle traceability.

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