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Quality Control
 I. Quality Management System
      Jinpin Computer Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinpin Company) has successively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CCC product certification and energy-saving product certification. Jinpin's entire quality control system is mainly based on "GB / T ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Requirements", "Household and Similar Use Equipment, Audio and Video Equipment, Information Technology Equipment Compulsory Certification Factory Inspection Requirements", "CQCF002-2009 Resource Conservation Products Standard requirements such as the requirements for certified factory quality assurance capabilities, combined with the company's own scale and operating model, establish a systematic quality management system to achieve two-way control of logistics and information flow, ensuring product production consistency, reliability, and traceability. The company's quality management system conducts internal audits once a year and accepts external audits three times, and continuously improves its own quality management system based on factors such as changes in system standards, market development, and the company's business model, effectively ensuring the continued effectiveness of the entire quality management system..
Product reliability guarantee
1.Component selection
      According to various types of industry applications, combined with the special customization needs of customers, comprehensively consider the cost performance of the product, and complete the selection of the product.
      All components are selected from mainstream products from first-tier manufacturers. For example, the memory uses Samsung's ECC REG (containing checksum and buffer functions) products, which greatly improves the reliability and fault tolerance of server products. The hard disks mainly use Seagate's enterprise-class products. High MTBF (mean time between failures); the array card chip adopts mainstream brands and specifications such as LSI / PMC to ensure product compatibility. Jinpin has established strategic partnerships with mainstream server accessories manufacturers, and has gradually become Intel's TAP-level partner, Supermicro's STAP-level partner member, and Seagate's strategic partner. Ensure timely and effective support in the selection, testing and technical support of new products. At the same time, first-tier manufacturers are excellent in product testing, quality control, and consistency guarantee. Mainstream models are generally tested by the market and can effectively ensure product reliability.
2. Product selection and shaping
      The main testing items for product selection and finalization include safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing, functional testing, application performance testing, software and hardware compatibility testing, and reliability testing.
(1) Safety and electromagnetic compatibility test
      Product safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing is mainly in accordance with the "Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification-Information Technology Equipment CNCA-C09-01: 2014", "GB 4943.1-2011 Information Technology Equipment Safety Part 1: General Requirements", "GB9254-2008 Information technology equipment radio disturbance resistance value and measurement method "," GB 17625.1-2012 electromagnetic compatibility limit harmonic current emission limit (equipment input current of each phase ≤ 16A) "and other standard requirements, when the product is finalized corresponding type Test to ensure that the product's safety and electromagnetic compatibility meet the requirements of national standards. Routine inspection and regular "confirmation inspection" work effectively ensure the consistency and continuous compliance of the product. With its own withstand voltage tester and ground resistance tester, 100% of the equipment is routinely tested before leaving the factory to ensure that the safety of each device meets the requirements.
(2) Functional test
      Mainly test the basic functions, IO interfaces, and hardware assembly compatibility of the product to ensure the basic functions and reliability of the product.
(3) Performance test
       Perform performance tests on the product such as CPU, memory IO, disk IO, network performance, and power consumption tests.
(4) Compatibility test
    1) The hardware compatibility test mainly tests whether there is any abnormality in the use of various accessories in the whole system;
    2) The operating system compatibility test mainly tests the compatibility of the entire system with the commonly used operating system;
    3) Third-party software compatibility testing mainly tests the compatibility of the entire system with commonly used third-party software (such as cluster software, quantum chemistry application software, database software, etc.);
    4) Third-party platform interoperability compatibility is mainly used to test the compatibility of the system when it is used in combination with other third-party products (such as disk arrays, capture cards, and Infiniband switches).
(5) Reliability test
        Including physical reliability test and software full load pressure test such as high and low temperature, drop, and simulated transport vibration
      During the product selection and finalization phase, the general stress test requirements for the product are to perform full load test on the processor, memory (Mem Tester), disk (IOzone, dd), network (ipzone + netperf), etc. for more than 72 hours To verify the compliance of the results.
3. Product life cycle management
      Kingpin has always maintained a close cooperation relationship with various manufacturers, and can obtain accurate data on the product life cycle of each manufacturer, which is convenient for controlling the life cycle of its own products. Guide customers to switch products at the appropriate stage of the product life cycle to achieve a balance between product performance and cost. For equipment that requires a long product life cycle, such as industrial control, self-provided inventory through strategic cooperation to ensure that customers' long-life product requirements are met.
Third, the key process control
      After the product selection and finalization work is completed, the focus of product reliability assurance is the entire process of the entire quality control system. Through effective control of human, machine, material, method, and environment, product reliability guarantee is achieved.
1. Procurement and supplier management
      Most of Jinpin's product suppliers are the general representatives of various manufacturers. The two parties have established long-term strategic partnerships to ensure the timeliness of product supply, product consistency and reliability. After the supplier's qualification evaluation, commercial terms negotiation, and small-scale trial pass, a cooperation agreement is signed with the supplier to safeguard the rights and obligations of both parties. Through the monthly and annual assessment of the supplier, an annual supplier assessment form is formed to determine whether to continue to be listed as a qualified supplier.
2.Incoming inspection and acceptance
      For purchased materials, the inspection and acceptance of incoming materials shall be carried out in accordance with the "Income Inspection Standard".
3. Production process control
      Conventional products control the production process of the product in accordance with the "Complete Production Process Standards", and ensure self-assessment of the assembly process through self-test and mutual inspection. For ODM / ODM customers' customized products, each product has established an independent "XX complete machine assembly operation guide" to lock product materials and assembly processes. During the production process, the entire production process of the product is monitored and recorded through the "Production with Work Order" (see Attachment 4), and the self-inspection and mutual inspection are strengthened to meet the product traceability requirements.

4. Finished product inspection
      For the functionality and safety of the finished product, 100% routine inspection is adopted to ensure that the functionality and safety of each device meet the requirements. For the customized products of ODM / ODM customers, special testing methods are set to ensure the consistency of product performance ("Quality Inspection Report of the Whole Machine").
5.Aging test
      For the finished product, the tool software is used to test the CPU, memory, disk, network, etc. at full load, and 100% of the routine aging test work is performed. The stress test time is not less than 48 hours.
6.Product consistency guarantee
      For large custom-made models, work with customers to establish product processes and technical documents, and purchase, batch, produce, and inspect the product configuration, assembly process, BIOS version and settings, software installation requirements, inspection items, and labeling packaging. Multiple links are controlled to ensure the guarantee of product consistency. According to customer requirements, it can be accurate to the consistency requirements such as memory particle lock (see "XX Customer's Complete Machine Assembly Operation Guide").
Product traceability
      Each device has a product serial number code and a production work order code for product repair application. Through this code, the entire process of production and inspection can be traced in the ERP system, and the requirements for the processing of fault repair (forward tracing) and the processing of batch quality accidents (reverse tracing) can be met.
8.Human resources management
      Establish the procedure document of "Human Resources Control Procedure", and define the procedures and methods of human resource management; establish the SOP of each post, clarify the post qualifications and post responsibilities, make the recruitment and training work more clear and executable; Strengthen performance evaluation and incentives.
File control
      In accordance with ISO9001 quality management standards, standardized management of company documents and quality records is implemented to ensure the release, modification, invalidation and preservation of documents, and to avoid the unexpected use of obsolete documents.

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